Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yet another “L” for Morrow

I think it is safe to say, we have closer issues.  Felix was able to pitch well for 7 innings, Aardsma was able to hold for the perfect 8th and Morrow blew it yet again in the 9th.  Morrow successfully gave up 2 home runs to Texas in the 9th while only registering one out.  I am starting to see what our July 30th trade deadline priority will be.

(Updating my post at 8:30 PM)

The top paragraph was probably not very nice to Morrow.  We do need to give him a chance.  Putz had his stumbles when he was first being called up to the majors.  As I have stated before, Morrow comes to the M’s will a lot of pressure to be successful.  Mostly placed their by the media and hard core fans.  Morrow should really be put back into a starter type of role, I do not think that closing is his cup of tea.

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