Friday, July 10, 2009


I thought he was our best offseason acquisition, and I think most people would agree.  He has been on fire the past 3 weeks and is really showing his range in center. 

Best acquisition next to Junior, of course.

A close second is David Aardsma.  He has 2 blown saves, but have been rock solid.  Aardsma stability has given the M’s the ability to experiment with Morrow again in the rotation.  I am really enjoying see Jack Z’s vision come to life.

Been awhile…

It has been almost 2 months since my last post, I thought I should get back into it.

Yuni was traded today to KC for the best pitching prospect they have to offer, Cortes, the Royals minor league pitcher of the year in 2008.  He will be assigned to AA Tennessee for the time being, but don’t be surprised if he is invited to Spring training.  We also received Saito, an “A” league closer, whom I do not know much about.

I generally blog when the M’s are doing poor, but overall, we have had an impressive season, only 3.5 games back at the time of this blog.  Last night, winning in dramatic style with a 3 run shot in the bottom of 8th. Felix pitched a dandy of a game and is proving why he needs to be ace of this staff.  Pitching remains to be strong on the whole, leading the AL in ERA and tied for 3rd in the majors.  Hitting is another story, 10th in the AL for average, 17th in the majors. 

Of course, as I type, Morrow is blowing this game wide open by walking back to back runners and giving up a 3 run bomb.  That is right, Morrow is back in the starting rotation.  He has not been outstanding, but again, we have great expectations for him. 

I have not made a game yet this year, hope to change that in August.  I would like to see Griffey play before he has to make a decision to stay or retire at the end of 2009. 

As the trade deadline looms, we could be buyers by moving people like Silva, Washburn and/or Batista.  Chances are we will not do much for this year and work with the players we have.  I am sure this move today will not be our only move towards building for the future.