Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Been a long time….

No, I am not quoting a line from a Boston song, but it seriously has been a very long time since I updated my blog.  A lot has changed

Betancourt is gone to the Mariner Alumni team, also known as the KC Royals.  Washburn was shipped off to Detroit from some good/great pitching, French and Robles.   

We also received Ian Snell, a pitcher that I have watched climb the Pirate ranks for several years now.  He had a pretty decent debut, but the due to lack of runs and no help from the pen, Snell took the L.  Along with Snell came Jack Wilson, a defensive maniac and locker room rock.  It will be nice to have an actual defensive player in the SS spot.  We did trade over Jeff Clement, a Bill Bavasi number one pick from several years back.  I am not sure if Jeff will see major league baseball in the near future, but he seems to play very well in AAA. 

Bedard is still and M, no surprise since he was injured, but I am afraid Bedard will walk at seasons end.  I think we will receive some draft picks if he does, but no guarantee. 

The M’s appear to be losing a bit on the post season fight.  I hope they can turn things around in August and September to make some sort of exciting run.  I am not holding my breath, however.

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