Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First live game of the year, finally!

My wife and I, and a fellow couple, were able to make it to the A’s game last night.  Thanks to my wife for winning free tickets at the Ryan Rowland-Smith signing. 

The main highlight was Griffey’s homerun.  My first in Safeco, after seeing several in the Kingdome.  As always, I am thrilled to watch Junior in person.  Lopez also hit a home run, but the crowd reaction was not nearly as loud as it was from Griffey. 

Another highlight was watching Snell pitch.  For the past several years, I followed his progress through the Pirates organization and was thrilled he is now a Mariner.  He pitched well.  I had a small hope that his no-no for 4.2 innings would last, but my hopes were dashed. 

The M’s also won and the “DA” was able to hold onto the save.  All in all, a great night!  (But where was Ichiro?)

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