Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What can I get for a rib? And other noteworthy notes

Apparently, Seneca Wallace is what Seachicken fans can expect.  His current status for next week Bears matchup is “questionable.”  Perhaps it is my love of fantasy football, but there is not a more bullshit status than questionable.  Wasn’t Brady “questionable” for like 2 straight seasons? 

Griffey was able to do his part to win a meaningless series against the Yankees.  At least we helped out Red Sox nation as best we could by taking 2 out of 3 games.  Ian Snell, again a long time favorite of mine, has pitched very well for the M’s.  Snell’s line appears as such, 5-2 with a 4.53 ERA and 27 Ks over 51.2 innings.  So far in September, he has a 3.74 ERA which is good momentum to build from for next year.  I see Snell being a great third pitcher for us.  He is a hard throwing righty.  His K count was a bit higher in the NL, but I think once he becomes familiar with a catcher that will help.  Ryan Rowland-Smith, (seen here with a good fan in the back right corner, arms crossed,) will be a great #2 starter to Felix next year. 

After those 3, you get dump Carlos Silva.  This guys just came of the DL, a list he has been a resident of since May.  We have seen nice things from French and Fisterto fill the #4 role.  I see Luke French at #4 and the #5 spot is currently wide open in my book. 

Bedard is really the question mark here.  I am not sure if we even want him back after two injury plagued years.  When he is on, he is on.  But those moments seem so few and far between.  I say dump his salary, provide Felix with a reason to be a Mariner for life…or at least a bit longer, and build your base.  Jack Z has done a great job, in building our base for future growth.  He was able to dump players like Yuni, for better defenders like Jack Wilson and Bill Hall.  As well as make other minor league acquisitions that will hopefully will pan out, time will tell.

It is the hope of this Mariner fan that Griffey returns for one more year.  Sure, his numbers provide little excitement, but his presence is priceless.  Another reason would be the lack of tickets to the final home stand.  I would much rather purchase tickets for next years final home stand when his departure is certain, not only from the M’s but baseball in general.  The M’s will provide him the going away party that is deserving of the best thing to happen to the Mariner franchise.  Edgar was a great Mariner as well, but nothing compares to the excitement and fun that Griffey brings to the ball park every day. 

I feel that 2 streets should be renamed in Seattle, one after Largent (regardless of your political persuasion) and one for Griffey.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Damn Yankees

Well, apparently, Mariano Rivera is something like 29 out of 30 in save opportunities against the M’s. The last time he lost save opportunity against the M’s, was 1997. Yes 1997.

But way to go Ichiro, with a 2 run HR. Woohoo! Back to back night with Ichiro with game winners and we beat Mariano!

This continues the right for Felix for a Cy Young winner! I know that Greinke is just above him, but give me a break. Unless the Royals wins the Central, a Royal is not going to win the Cy Young.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting a bit tired of Web 2.0

(NOTE: This has nothing to do with the recent “Jackass” comment, something I have thought about for awhile)

What did it for me was in the trailer for “Fame”, a movie I have no desire to see.  A girl makes a comment that a scout saw her perform on YouTube, or something to that affect, and is offering her a shot at stardom.  Seriously?  Not only do we have YouTube, but we have movies  promoting it as a way of making ones dreams comes true.  Give me a break! 

What made me start to think was the amount of information that I am becoming numb to at any given time.  I do have a Twitter account, only to see road reports, and I refuse to “tweet”.  The only thing that I have found beneficial from Twitter is the use of it by idiots.  For those of you in competitive sales environments, you can search Twitter to see tweets related to how people view your products and your competitions.  Again, this does need to be taken with a grain of salt and I am sure many of these sources are as reliable a broken down Ford Pinto.  Why someone actually takes the time to tweet about random stuff, still amazes me.  I am sure many people feel the same about blogs and this blog in particular.  We now have professional athletes twitting and blogging.  I don’t mind blogs, since someone has to actually sit down and type something semi-thoughtful.  Tweeting seems like a trained ape can tell you they are “sitting on the patio”. 

As far as Facebook is concerned, you can be a fan of about anything.  From “having trouble sleeping” to the deputy chairman for insect control in Tallahassee Florida.   Overall, the avenue is nice but is overly abused in a lot of ways.  Well, maybe abused is a poor choice of words.  Misused? Overused?  It seems that humans do not have have the cycles to actually pay attention to an online life (not even talking about Second Life) and their home life.  How does one do it?

I still have not tackled Digg…end of this paragraph.

Kudos to those that can capitalize on the ADHD that we as webaholics seem to posses.  Anyone want to go ride bikes?  I would hope that someone has performed a study of how the amount of information (accurate or not) able to attain on the internet, decreased the amount of retention.  When I was going to school, you didn’t need to memorize everything, as long as you knew where to find the answers.  No ideas, that slogan has turned into “Google it”.   

A small aside.  This is written by someone that did not see the reason to send text messages.  I have since come around and avoid phone calls whenever possible.  Now, I need to stop texting while trying to have a real conversation with people.  For some reason, the person you are chatting with will just becomes annoyed then tweet from their phone “this guy is not listening to me”. 

Until this fad of an internet goes away, I guess I will just keep sitting here, waiting for service pack 2.1 to come out. 

Monday, September 14, 2009

Don’t forget Felix!!!

With 15 wins and an ERA now sitting at 2.52, he is making a late run at Cy Young contention. Felix should be considered an ace in today’s world and the M’s need to figure what they plan on doing with him very quickly. How does Felix look to the league?

1. 6th in Wins (15)

2. 4th in ERA (2.52)

3. 7th in K’s (193)

4. 2nd in Games Started (30)

5. 3rd in Innings pitched (207.1)

Tim Lincecum is having yet another great year, he is down in W’s this year with 13, but that is okay. He leads in K’s (233) and is second in ERA (2.34).

Another pitcher deserving some props would be Zach Greinke of KC. He had a hotter pace in the first half of the year, but is remaining strong overall.

In all likelihood, a member of the Yankees (C.C.) will probably win the aware in the AL, while someone from the Cardinals in the NL, probably Wainwright.

Chris Carpenter should win the Comeback player of the Year! He only played in 5 games in ‘07 and ‘08, and now is 16-4 in ‘09.

Here’s to an exciting September!


9 seasons! First player in MLB history to have over 200 hits in 9 consecutive seasons. I would have to say this is pretty amazing. Since we don't have the playoffs to look forward to as Mariner fans, it is nice to see records held by local players.

So, what is in store for next year? If Ichiro is able to do this 10 years in a row, he will tie Pete Rose' s mark of 200 hit seasons (he only had 3 in a row). Due to Ichiro's age, we will not see him accomplish 3,000 hits, but he is still creating a nice niche in baseball history. (I could be wrong, but we will see).

He also was able to break over 2,000 career hits, becoming the second fastest in history to accomplish this feat.

Ichiro will never be know as a hitter that was feared. He is a successful small ball player. He does not have that ability to win a lot of games with the single swing of his bat. Rather, he puts himself into position (hits and stolen bases), so those more powerful can end games with one swing. A lot of people think home runs make or break the best hitters in the game. I understand this, but do not agree with it. Ichiro, most likely, will never play for a World Series team. This will make some people shy away from giving him the credit he deserves.

Think of the records he is breaking to give him proper credit. "Georgous" George Sisler had 257 hits in 1920. Willie Keeler's record of 8 consecutive 200 hit season was established in 1901. Now, a lot has changed since 1901, including the 162 game schedule. But keep in mind, the 162 game schedule has been around since 1961, when it was upped from 154, nearly 50 years ago. Even some of the great hitters from my early years in MLB (Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, Robin Yount, George Brett, Paul Molitor, and Don Mattingly just to name a few) did not accomplish such feats. Gwynn had 5 seasons with 200 or more hits, Yount 1, Brett 2, Molitor 4, Mattingly 3 times...in a row, Boggs 7 times...in a row! None of those guys were able to beat Sisler's mark. (Boggs came the closest with 240 in 1985).

Powerful hitters strike fear in pitchers, Ichiro strikes fear in the left hand side of the infield.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Avoiding the obvious line from Hank Williams Jr.

Summer if officially over now with the NFL kicking off. The Seahawks came off their first undefeated pre-season. Big frickin' woop. Let's see how that carries over in the regular season. Honestly, I would much rather see an 0-4 pre-season, that way the "what we need to work on" would be painfully obvious.

We do have Jacob Green's son-in-law playing on our D-line, Red Bryant, wearing his old number of 79. Man, I miss those days where we had Joe Nash and Green ruling the middle line, Fred Young in the middle LB and Kenny Easley sitting in the free safety spot. The glory years, as I like to refer to them as.

To my faithful Griz fan readers (especially Ryan and Brandy night)...Go Griz.

Where in the world is Brandon Morrow?

Starting tonight against the Rangers, called up earlier this week. This is an interesting move since the Rainers are in the AAA playoffs. As we see yet again, Tim Lincecum have an outstanding year (back issues aside), it does make all of us wonder if Bavasi can sleep at night.

I talked to a friend of mine this past week in San Fran, who is a devoted Giants fan. They, the Giant fan base, seem to know nothing nor care about the the great Tim/Brandon debate that always hits the Seattle AM Radio sports talk airways when Brandon starts.

Calling him up does lead me to believe they could be building trade value? Not sure if that is true, but you do have to wonder. Brandon has shown moments of brilliance, but mostly just flames and not true fires of longevity.

The M's are obviously, totally out of the wild card race, and some may say, never were in the race to begin with. Both Sweeney and Griffey have opened the door to return next season. Griffey's stats are not one that a blind fan would want to return. However, his impact on the fan base (including tickets and mechandise) and the clubhouse are more valuable than those numbers provide. Thankfully, I kept my Griffey jersey's from his first tour of duty, saved me a lot of money this go around. Now, if I can just get some more mileage out of that Largent jersey.