Monday, September 14, 2009

Don’t forget Felix!!!

With 15 wins and an ERA now sitting at 2.52, he is making a late run at Cy Young contention. Felix should be considered an ace in today’s world and the M’s need to figure what they plan on doing with him very quickly. How does Felix look to the league?

1. 6th in Wins (15)

2. 4th in ERA (2.52)

3. 7th in K’s (193)

4. 2nd in Games Started (30)

5. 3rd in Innings pitched (207.1)

Tim Lincecum is having yet another great year, he is down in W’s this year with 13, but that is okay. He leads in K’s (233) and is second in ERA (2.34).

Another pitcher deserving some props would be Zach Greinke of KC. He had a hotter pace in the first half of the year, but is remaining strong overall.

In all likelihood, a member of the Yankees (C.C.) will probably win the aware in the AL, while someone from the Cardinals in the NL, probably Wainwright.

Chris Carpenter should win the Comeback player of the Year! He only played in 5 games in ‘07 and ‘08, and now is 16-4 in ‘09.

Here’s to an exciting September!

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