Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting a bit tired of Web 2.0

(NOTE: This has nothing to do with the recent “Jackass” comment, something I have thought about for awhile)

What did it for me was in the trailer for “Fame”, a movie I have no desire to see.  A girl makes a comment that a scout saw her perform on YouTube, or something to that affect, and is offering her a shot at stardom.  Seriously?  Not only do we have YouTube, but we have movies  promoting it as a way of making ones dreams comes true.  Give me a break! 

What made me start to think was the amount of information that I am becoming numb to at any given time.  I do have a Twitter account, only to see road reports, and I refuse to “tweet”.  The only thing that I have found beneficial from Twitter is the use of it by idiots.  For those of you in competitive sales environments, you can search Twitter to see tweets related to how people view your products and your competitions.  Again, this does need to be taken with a grain of salt and I am sure many of these sources are as reliable a broken down Ford Pinto.  Why someone actually takes the time to tweet about random stuff, still amazes me.  I am sure many people feel the same about blogs and this blog in particular.  We now have professional athletes twitting and blogging.  I don’t mind blogs, since someone has to actually sit down and type something semi-thoughtful.  Tweeting seems like a trained ape can tell you they are “sitting on the patio”. 

As far as Facebook is concerned, you can be a fan of about anything.  From “having trouble sleeping” to the deputy chairman for insect control in Tallahassee Florida.   Overall, the avenue is nice but is overly abused in a lot of ways.  Well, maybe abused is a poor choice of words.  Misused? Overused?  It seems that humans do not have have the cycles to actually pay attention to an online life (not even talking about Second Life) and their home life.  How does one do it?

I still have not tackled Digg…end of this paragraph.

Kudos to those that can capitalize on the ADHD that we as webaholics seem to posses.  Anyone want to go ride bikes?  I would hope that someone has performed a study of how the amount of information (accurate or not) able to attain on the internet, decreased the amount of retention.  When I was going to school, you didn’t need to memorize everything, as long as you knew where to find the answers.  No ideas, that slogan has turned into “Google it”.   

A small aside.  This is written by someone that did not see the reason to send text messages.  I have since come around and avoid phone calls whenever possible.  Now, I need to stop texting while trying to have a real conversation with people.  For some reason, the person you are chatting with will just becomes annoyed then tweet from their phone “this guy is not listening to me”. 

Until this fad of an internet goes away, I guess I will just keep sitting here, waiting for service pack 2.1 to come out. 

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