Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What can I get for a rib? And other noteworthy notes

Apparently, Seneca Wallace is what Seachicken fans can expect.  His current status for next week Bears matchup is “questionable.”  Perhaps it is my love of fantasy football, but there is not a more bullshit status than questionable.  Wasn’t Brady “questionable” for like 2 straight seasons? 

Griffey was able to do his part to win a meaningless series against the Yankees.  At least we helped out Red Sox nation as best we could by taking 2 out of 3 games.  Ian Snell, again a long time favorite of mine, has pitched very well for the M’s.  Snell’s line appears as such, 5-2 with a 4.53 ERA and 27 Ks over 51.2 innings.  So far in September, he has a 3.74 ERA which is good momentum to build from for next year.  I see Snell being a great third pitcher for us.  He is a hard throwing righty.  His K count was a bit higher in the NL, but I think once he becomes familiar with a catcher that will help.  Ryan Rowland-Smith, (seen here with a good fan in the back right corner, arms crossed,) will be a great #2 starter to Felix next year. 

After those 3, you get dump Carlos Silva.  This guys just came of the DL, a list he has been a resident of since May.  We have seen nice things from French and Fisterto fill the #4 role.  I see Luke French at #4 and the #5 spot is currently wide open in my book. 

Bedard is really the question mark here.  I am not sure if we even want him back after two injury plagued years.  When he is on, he is on.  But those moments seem so few and far between.  I say dump his salary, provide Felix with a reason to be a Mariner for life…or at least a bit longer, and build your base.  Jack Z has done a great job, in building our base for future growth.  He was able to dump players like Yuni, for better defenders like Jack Wilson and Bill Hall.  As well as make other minor league acquisitions that will hopefully will pan out, time will tell.

It is the hope of this Mariner fan that Griffey returns for one more year.  Sure, his numbers provide little excitement, but his presence is priceless.  Another reason would be the lack of tickets to the final home stand.  I would much rather purchase tickets for next years final home stand when his departure is certain, not only from the M’s but baseball in general.  The M’s will provide him the going away party that is deserving of the best thing to happen to the Mariner franchise.  Edgar was a great Mariner as well, but nothing compares to the excitement and fun that Griffey brings to the ball park every day. 

I feel that 2 streets should be renamed in Seattle, one after Largent (regardless of your political persuasion) and one for Griffey.


Bill said...

And a thrid for Boz!

Josh said...

Wow, how could I forget the now real estate mogul, Boz. They should place it right behind "Jackson" street.