Friday, September 11, 2009

Where in the world is Brandon Morrow?

Starting tonight against the Rangers, called up earlier this week. This is an interesting move since the Rainers are in the AAA playoffs. As we see yet again, Tim Lincecum have an outstanding year (back issues aside), it does make all of us wonder if Bavasi can sleep at night.

I talked to a friend of mine this past week in San Fran, who is a devoted Giants fan. They, the Giant fan base, seem to know nothing nor care about the the great Tim/Brandon debate that always hits the Seattle AM Radio sports talk airways when Brandon starts.

Calling him up does lead me to believe they could be building trade value? Not sure if that is true, but you do have to wonder. Brandon has shown moments of brilliance, but mostly just flames and not true fires of longevity.

The M's are obviously, totally out of the wild card race, and some may say, never were in the race to begin with. Both Sweeney and Griffey have opened the door to return next season. Griffey's stats are not one that a blind fan would want to return. However, his impact on the fan base (including tickets and mechandise) and the clubhouse are more valuable than those numbers provide. Thankfully, I kept my Griffey jersey's from his first tour of duty, saved me a lot of money this go around. Now, if I can just get some more mileage out of that Largent jersey.

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