Wednesday, October 28, 2009

208 versus 111

That is the million dollar payrolls for the two teams that take the field tonight.  Guess which one is which?  This is a great article that talks about how the some of the players compare both in salary as well as stats. 

I am not a fan of either of these teams, but my second favorite team is anyone playing the Yankees.  I like the hitters on the Phillies, big fan of Ryan Howard, Werth and Vicorino.  Of course, having two of the three on my fantasy team also helps.  Pitching wise, the Yankees have the upper hand in the bullpen as you can never rely on Lidge.   

So, who are the losers here?  Game one features the last two AL Cy Young winners going head-to-head.  Thank you Cleveland.  And, how can we forget the Mets fan.  Not only is your “sister” team in the series, but also your most hated rival.  So, who do you vote for?

Here’s to a good series, go Phillies!  If you are curious how the other teams stacked up in payroll this year, here you go

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