Saturday, October 03, 2009

4-0 Preseason, 1-3 regular season

A lot of people were falsely excited about our first 4-0 preseason in franchise history.  I am not a believer in having a strong preseason record, in football or baseball.  In fact, I want .500 or less.  That way, you show off all the errors and faults of your squad with the intent to change moving forward in serious play. 

I learned early on being a Mariner fan that there is was a direct correlation between a great spring training and poor season.  This year was not bad, we finished 2 games below .500 in spring training, and are now going to finish the season better than .500.  In 2008 the M’s finished at .500 then went on to have the first 101 lose season for a team with over 100 mil payroll.  My correlation is not bulletproof, but I hope you see the point.  We will have to wait and see where the Seachickens end up come December.

A lot of people blame injuries around here, and yes that does play a role.  However, it not something that you can always say is the cause.  Watching last weeks game, we left a lot of points on the field from missed field goals to overthrown open receivers. 

We now face Indy in Indy.  I don’t see us staying competitive in this game and predict a score somewhere close to 28-10 taking our start to 1-4.

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