Saturday, October 10, 2009

CRD update

It has been while since I talked about our diesel Jeep.  I have a killer gas app for my iPhone called Gas Cubby.  It allows me to not only track service and service reminders, but also MPG.  We did a pretty good trip this past July to Glacier towing our 18 foot (3000 pound) Jayco trailer.  Going to Missoula, we were sitting at 14.1 MPG on average.  Coming back was a different story, we averaged about 13.5 MPG due to a head wind.  To put this into some perspective, we are able to achieve about 20-21 mixed city and highway.  Our best highway mileage was 28. 

To optimize this engine, I have consider a couple of “mods”.  The first is by a company called Green Diesel Engineering (GDE).   Their Eco Performance kit retimes the turbo for increased fuel economy and a cleaner burning engine.  On average, people have seen a 3 MPG gain with this feature.  Also, on the discussion boards, owners rave about how well their Jeep tows after the Eco Performance kit.

Another mod is going to be the SAMCO sport turbo hoses.  These hoses are specially lined to not burst when saturated with oil, which happened to us on top of Snoqualmie pass a couple months ago.  When the hose burst, we lost all turbo power and had to limp home.  Replaced with stock hoses, so it will happen again, but hopefully not for a long time. 

Overall, a good vehicle for us and getting as good as MPG the 1989 SHO.  We sold the SHO about 2 months ago as it was starting to become expensive to maintain so now the Jeep is my primary vehicle.  I will keep you posted should I do any of these mods on my own.

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