Friday, October 09, 2009

A final update on Win7

I am sure you are getting tired of reading about this, but I want to show that Win7 does work on older hardware.  At least the Enterprise version.  I am sure with Ultimate and all that it packs, 1 GB of RAM would not even come close.  My machine meets the minimal requirements for Win7 32-bit in terms of RAM and I have yet to see this PC brought to it’s knees.  If I did this with Vista, it would have been a miserable user experience. 

The RAM on boot takes up about 605 MB or so.  Letting the computer idle down for a bit with nothing open, it will works its way down to only using 389 MB.  I do have an anti-virus program running, but have disabled active scanning.  I would define “a bit” being somewhere between 15 to 30 minutes, I have not timed that part yet.  I am using Live Writer for this blog, and since I booted up and typed the RAM in use is down to 440 MB and seems to have settled there with this one active application. 

It is very nice to see that we have a Windows OS that can replace XP.  Over the course of time, 95 was pretty good, 98 not bad, ME was a disaster, XP was great, Vista a complete bust and now 7.  Known only by the name George Costanza would have given it.  To be fair, we do have 2 MAC’s and 2 iPhones in the house, but I feel confident that Win7 will re-energize the business and home windows world.  Perhaps the “I’m a MAC” ad campaign was a motivating factor in putting out a solid product, who knows. 

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