Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Giving credit where credit is due

I dislike the Yankees like nothing…well, except BYU.  But the performance turned in by CC on 3 days rest is something that needs to be recognized. 

I realize the Brewers ran the gas tank dry with CC on many starts with only three days rest last season.  This was his first with the Yankees so he was not worn out from the abuse the Brewers put him through.  To pitch 8, almost unhittable, innings is pretty good. 

I dislike A-Rod as much as any other player, but he is as unstoppable as herpes right now.  I think that basically sums up his performance this post season.

I am disappointed that the Angels are only going to last, at most, 6 games.  I had it in my mind that they were a team that could put the Yankees away.  Apparently I was wrong.  I know teams have come back from being down 3-1 before in the ALCS, but I don’t see the determination in the players faces as I do on the other side of the field. 

Not real excited about an east coast only series…go Phillies!  At least they have 2 decent Mariner alumni on their team with Moyer and Ibanez. 

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