Thursday, October 01, 2009

Green Uniforms…Seahawks, not Sounders

For those that watch the Seahawks leave about 14 points on the field last weekend, they should have also left the jersey’s. 

The Seahawks also have management ties to the Sounders.  My concern is that this “tie” is trying to build one “brand”.  Something I am totally against.  The Hawks have been around since ‘77.  Yes, not much to show for 30+ years of life, but I digress.  The Sounders are in their first year of MLS play.  I am not anti-Soccer or anti-Sounders, but do not blend the marketing message or colors.  I find this as a lame and stupid attempt to achieve whatever goal they are trying to achieve. 

Bring back the solid blue and grey pants from Zorn and Largent days.  I would rather go down the retro track than the soccer uniform track. 


Bill said...

Not so fast, my soccer deprived friend... The Seattle Sounders actually date back to 1974 (a good year, I (we) might add) with the North American Soccer League...


Josh said...

Thank you Bill for boosting my soccer education.