Monday, October 12, 2009


On the field leadership is what the Seahawks needed this past weekend.  With the return of Hasselback, the teams confidence was restored. 

I only saw the second and fourth quarters yesterday.  In the second quarter, Matt looked as good as he has in previous seasons.  He led the Seahawks on two impressive quick striking drives and the team never looked back. 

Not only was the offense on a roll, the defense was unstoppable scoring two touchdowns of their own.  As of today Aaron Curry, the rookie LB, is leading the team in tackles.

This should quiet most Hasselback critics.  It was not more than two weeks ago that talk radio around here was asking for the Seahawks to draft a new quarterback in the April draft.  Saying that Hasselback was washed up and old.  He is only one year behind Brady in NFL career length and younger than Peyton Manning.  I understand that the Patriots and Colts have had more moments of success, but you don’t see these teams looking for new QBs.  Seahawks fans are fairly finicky, some may even say fair weather.  But now with a brilliant performance, the critics should be silenced for another week.   

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Bill said...

Rookie and former Duck Nick Reed was looking great on the D-side of the ball too...