Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday night, what a night!

The Angels gave us a small glimmer of hope and the Phillies have all but closed the door on Dodger blue.  Angels fan or not, having back to back extra inning games is exciting.  Also, have back-to-back walk off hits in the same day in October really makes playoff baseball exciting.  Not to mention, the football game.  I tried to watch all three.

During Monday Night Football, I couldn’t help from noticing that Denver did not roll over and play the “Prevent to win” defense near the end.  They were coming after Rivers and crew up until the final whistle!  I hope that the Seahawks coaching staff was watching.  Denver “finished” that game, they did not let San Diego back in at the tail end.  I thought it was impressive, but than again, I am accustomed to seeing my team go “prevent” putting my heart in panic mode.  Maybe it is the young coaching staff or just the young head coach that is willing to take risks and has faith in his players. 

Josh Daniels is only 33, ugh!  I am now at the age where NFL coaches are younger than me. 

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