Sunday, October 04, 2009

Thank you Griffey!

While we wait and see what the offseason brings, the city of Seattle gave Griffey a great send off today.  A standing ovation for his last at bat, and a loud uproar for his routine base hit.  As he was replaced at first base with a pinch runner, you could see the tears in his eyes are he entered the dugout.  Later, a gaggle of teammates gave Griffey a shoulder ride around the ballpark during the team’s farewell tour to the fans.  That is why we love this guy so much.

Giffey’s stats are not something to to be overly proud of this year, but his timely hitting won many a game.  His value comes from the smile on his face and the charisma that has defined his place in history.  I was fortunate enough to be at the Kingdome when Griffey walked onto the field in 1989 against the Orioles and at Safeco when he hit a home run this past season against the A’s.  Not to mention many other memorable moments in between. 

Some additional notes on the stats.  The DH position (Sweeney and Griffey) for the M’s produced a combined 91 RBIs and 27 HRs.  Not bad for a position we have struggled with since the departure of Edgar Martinez.   

This fan is looking for one more year.  For the 4 faithful readers of this blog, please know that should Griffey return I will have tickets for opening day and the last game of the regular season. 

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