Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why are good TV shows hard to come by?

I learned today that one of my favorite shows, Friday Night Lights, is only showing on DirecTV starting on October 28th.  After the season completes, it will then air on NBC for us with just cable and/or digital rabbit ears.  Apparently, DirecTV has been the one funding this show so they get first shot. I find this horrible.  FNL is a great show, well written and tells a fun, adventurous story of life.  A show that I think should have staying power, apparently does not.  Rather, reality TV and some poorly written sitcoms seem to rule the roost.  (“The Office” and “30 Rock” excluded). 

I have tried to get into “Modern Family” but that seems to be missing the mark with me.  It is the dad in the “normal” family that I cannot stand.  It has great potential and could be a success, but needs to take a different direction and quickly.  I rarely find myself with a good belly laugh during most sitcoms today.  ABC has tried, but all the new shows are missing.  I have caught a couple of episodes from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.  This show is pretty funny and pushed the envelope in a “Family Guy” sort of way.  Perhaps I need to look elsewhere than the big 3 networks for humor. 

On a positive note, I am really digging “Mad Men”.  I would say that it lives up to the hype surrounding it.  Great character set with good on camera chemistry and well written.  I did not grow up in the time period depicted in the show, but the emotion from this generation is felt. 

Another show that I have great interest in is “Sons of Anarchy”.  A show that does a good job of putting you in the middle of the action.  I always have to watch a low key show afterwards to calm down from the emotional rollercoaster the show produces. 

I should try to write my own sitcom on what I think would be funny.  According to George Castanza, it should be easy. 

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