Thursday, October 08, 2009

XP life is officially over for me

After a long internal debate, I have decided to upgrade my main home PC to Windows 7.  This machine is far from impressive with an AMD 64-bit processor and 1 GB of RAM.  But rather than put the $80 toward maxing out the RAM to 2 GB, I will purchase a new quad core tower for $450 with 8 GB of RAM sometime later next year.

Why upgrade?  5 years of patches and service packs have degraded my performance to a 5 minute boot time.  So, rather than just re-installing XP, we are going to run the latest and greatest.  I have had Windows 7 on my work laptop since the release candidate was, well, released in May.  This will be an operating systems that most if not all companies will move to over the next 2 years, just my 2 cents.

I will keep you posted on how my iTunes library and applications move over to my “new” old PC.  Before I did this, I also verified that TurboTax 2009 will be supported on both Windows 7 32 and 64 bit operating systems. 

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Bill said...

I have been very happy with Win 7 64-bit on my several year old machine. I'm trying to convince Meg that I need a Core i7 upgrade, but that isn't working so well for me right now...