Thursday, November 12, 2009

3,000 hits?

So, what does this mean for Griffey?  He is currently sitting at 2763.  If we was to get close, say 125 away, does he really try to come back for a 3rd season?  If so, would it be with the Mariners? 

Griffey has never been one to show much interest in career numbers or milestones.  However, this milestone has a limited class size. 

Pete Rose 4256
Ty Cobb 4189
Hank Aaron 3771
Stan Musial 3630
Carl Yaz 3419
Honus Wagner 3415
Paul Molitor 3319
Eddie Collins 3315
Willie Mays 3283
Eddie Murray 3255
Nap Lajoie 3242
Cal Ripken Jr 3184
George Brett 3154
Paul Waner 3152
Robin Yount 3142
Tony Gwynn 3141
Dave Winfield 3110
Craig Biggio 3060
Cap Anson 3055
Rickey Henderson 3055
Rod Carew 3053
Lou Brock 3023
Rafael Palmeiro 3020
Wade Boggs 3010
Al Kaline 3007
Roberto Clemente 3000

Pretty interesting company.  Names that I somehow missed this career accomplishment, Rafael Palmeiro and Craig Biggio.  Just plain awesome to see Paul Molitor so high up on this list.  And good ole Honus Wagner, most people only know him as the expensive baseball card. 

It would be nice to be in this list, for sure.  Biggio. Boggs and Winfield did this at age of 41, Rickey at 42 and Cap at 45.  I would be willing to bet if he is close, he would have to return for yet another year. 

Of the names above, only 4 of them are also in the 500 Home Run club, Aaron, Mays,Eddie Murray and Rafael Palmeiro.  Take Griffey and his (at the time of this writing) 630 HRs and that is a nice 5 member club.  Well 4, does Palmeiro really count?

In all honesty, with his current rate of play, this would take a pretty good effort.  Last year, he only was able to muster 83 hits.  The previous year between the NL Reds and AL White Sox, he grabbed 122.  That number would be about what he would need to average in 2010 and 2011 to grab an illustrious spot on the list above.  I guess, only time will tell.

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