Monday, November 02, 2009

Big D got the better of us and damn Yanks

WTF was that this weekend?  Talk about laying an egg.  Everyone around here wants the Seahawks to server up the GM’s head on a platter before Thanksgiving.  I heard some disgusting stat this past week.  Since the Super Bowl in ‘05, the Seahawks have gone 25 and 30, including this past weekend  Keeping in mind, 19 of those 25 wins came in the ‘06 and ‘07 season.  Meanwhile, the Steelers won another Super Bowl in ‘08 and still compete and scare opponents to this day. 

I know the fans want answers and they blame management at this point.  Between ‘07 and ‘08, we did not lose a lot of players to free agency.  In ‘07 we had 10 wins, in ‘08 we had 4.  People blamed the public retirement of Holmgren for that mess of a season along with a higher than normal injury count.  Now we have our new coach, still some injury issues, but have improved personnel overall with an equally bad result.  Perhaps the front office is full of football halfwits, but it is the same front office that was able to achieve a trip to Super Bowl 40.  Perhaps the old guard does need to go, but for what?  Holmgren as GM?  Making a change now, will have little to no barring on the rest of this season.  I know it seems like a long season, but really 16 games is a very short time to do much, let alone the last 8.  By making the change mid-season, it would demonstrate a desire to get back on track as soon as the season ends.  Hit the combine camps with some intensity and start looking for valuable free agents.  (Deon Branch was never considered valuable by this blogger). 

Moving on to the last game in Philly.  Come on Phillies!  This is becoming embarrassing.  Why do we not cover third on a shift?   Who forgot their assignment, Lidge!?  We always knew Lidge was bound to return to his Pepto-Bismol ways, and he did so last night.  I hate the Yankees for everything they stand for, even heads-up base running and 9 pitch at-bats. 

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