Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Enjoying Win7 even more

This is a just a quick note on a few things I think Windows 7 does very well.

Home networking.  With the “homegroup” feature it is extremely easy for my work computer to share documents, photos and videos with my home personal computer.  It does not take a network certification to do this.  It is my hope that Windows 7 does not have any future security risks with this feature, as it is favorite of mine.  Especially since I have 3 computers at home that need to exchange files on a regular basis.

The divide screen for 2 windows.  I am not sure how to even describe this feature, I believe it is called “snap”.  I would almost go so far as to say you really don’t need that second monitor now.  When writing my blog, I like to have web pages next to my Live Writer program for stats and quick hyperlinks.  Now with these windows side-by-side, it makes it very easy to find and enter information.  This feature is used by dragging a window to the bottom right or left corner.  The window will scale to that half of the monitor.  Drag another program to the other lower corner and presto, a nice side-by-side view is presented.    The feature can be viewed at the 7 second demo page

The MAC ad about how things will be different this time, is the best ad they have right now.  But I have to say I am starting to feel that Windows has finally turned a page into the realm of a stable and functional operating system.  Perhaps we can thank MAC for this, as I am sure the competition and negative PR these ads generated did help. 

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Bill said...

The problem I have with Snap is that it doesn't really work on two monitors for the maximize works if you go to the top, but you can't use the edge between two monitors to get the half screen mode. That would be nice to have. Then I could have my IDE full screen in one monitor, and then PDF and browser split in the second...

I do kind of like the "shake" feature to hide other windows. handy when you try to show someone something and you have 10 windows open. Just "shake" and it's all they can see.

Love the new VPN accessibility right from the network icon in the tray. Makes getting in and out of VPN very easy.

Pinning apps to the taskbar is awesome.

"Smart" start bar. For instance, if remote desktop connection is in the start menu, hover over it and you then get a sub menu with recent connections.

Aeropeak is great when you have a lot of windows open.

Not really Windows 7, but Microsoft Security Essentials is awesome. A virus checker that's free, good, and doesn't hog a lot of resources.