Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One final year!

Welcome back Griffey!  I was surprised to see this announcement so soon.  Perhaps they wanted to complete this “sure” deal so they knew exactly the money pool they would be dealing with between free agents and arbitration.  Now I guess I need to live up to my promise of attending opening day and the last game of the season…shucks. 

Another reason could be free agent recruiting.  I would be naive to think that money does not play a major role in where a players lands.  But perhaps providing players the opportunity to play next to someone like a Griffey is what the Mariners are hoping to achieve.  Or, they want to attract a younger crowd to the organization.  “Come play in Seattle, be mentored by one of the best”.  I can already hear the critics about the lack luster stats that Griffey produced last season and how that will translate over into 2010.

I do not see us making it into October in 2010, but it would be nice.  Now, the rest of the free agent signings by Seattle will be interesting.  If Jack Z plays his cards right, we could contend for a wild card birth.  The potential is there.  The team in 2001 was really a bunch of no names outside of Seattle, and they were able to tie for the best record in the history of major league baseball.  Anything is possible. 

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