Saturday, November 14, 2009

Playon for Wii

Playon is an interface application that allows your gaming consoles to access streaming content such as Hulu, YouTube, etc.  They have this now for the Wii…well sort of.

The way it works, you install a small client on your and PC and add the internet channel to your Wii console.  In the browser, you navigate to and all works well.  The one time charge of $35 is required once your 14 day trial expires. 

The overall performance is somewhat slow, but it is still nice.  I had a little mouse tell that Hulu has a “plug in” to Media Center in Win7 which would solve my main need.  The problem, I do not have any more room in my living room for a PC.  Perhaps a nice NetBook would do the trick?  Bill A, care to comment?

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Bill said...

Dell Inspiron Zino HD...