Thursday, November 05, 2009

Poor angry ex-A-Rod fan’s

I fit into this category and our joy has come to an end.  We hoped and prayed that A-Rod and his greed would never see a World Series title, but that dream has come to end.  The Yankees, and their 3 pitcher rotation were able to out last the Phillies and their dry hitting.   Besides the fireworks in game 5, the Phillies seemed almost vacant in this Series compared to last. 

As far as fan base goes, I have to say I have new found love for the Philadelphia faithful.  The energy that was portrayed through the idiot box during games 3-5, was a nice change from the almost “crowd track” noise from Yankee stadium.  I know I am biased being anti-Yankee, but you get the point.

Seattle Mariner fans can move on with their hatred and dislike for A-Rod, only if they choose.  I actually hope to make the Yankee series next year as this team is full of hall of famers, whether I like that or not. 

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