Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sesame Street…WTF?!

With all due respect to this American television treasure, what just happened?  We noticed on our Tivo that we finally had a 2009 episode of Sesame Street.  (Oh, I should note this is for my son, I don’t record these for my own enjoyment).  I was excited for fresh meat as I can only see Brian Williams report on the case of “mine-itis” or Fiest sing to the number 4 so many times before I grow bored.

The intro.  New graphics and characters playing different roles, not sure if I have seen enough of this intro to have a true opinion.  So far, neutral on this piece.

We have two of them recorded and I have only watched the first 30 minutes in one of them.  They appear to be going for a more “edgy” camera angle when filming these opening 10 minute skits.  Again, not sure how I feel about this.  It is nice to update this cinematography, but I am not sure if the extra close shot of baby bears face was really necessary to show his fear of bees.

The overuse of CGI.  I realize that CGI is in basically everything.  But we now have to contend with Abby’s “Fairy School” being completely CGI based.  Part of the joy and mystic of Sesame Street to me was the characters.  Having Abby go “digital” on us really stinks.  This is starting to bring back feelings that I have kept deep down inside about the “new” Star Wars prequels.  All sense of story, character development, and decent acting went out the window for annoying CGI characters as Jar-Jar and overly CGI’d fight scenes. 

Also, no more letter or number of the day.  In the episode I saw, Murray did some little ditty on “F”.  No real introduction to the letter or anything.  I loved the fact that episodes of this show were sponsored by letters and numbers and not Lucasfilms Inc..   

This blog post was brought to you by the phrase: “Dude, WTF?” 

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