Wednesday, December 02, 2009

2 new rumors: Zaun and Harden

As I take a tour through the Mariner blogsphere, I have stumbled upon some nice rumors.  Apparently, we are going after an affordable veteran catcher in Gregg Zaun and what could be a surprise pitcher in Rich Harden. 

Gregg Zaun would be a nice addition.  I know I said in my previous post how I am not worried about the catcher position, but I do see a need for some veteran leadership.  Zaun is a switch hitter where Johnson and Moore are both righties.  He would be the third catcher and would probably be in Seattle for only one year.

Rich Harden, now this is interesting.  In my fantasy league several years back, I referred to him as the “Mark Prior of the AL”.  Ironically, he was traded to the Cubs and now the Mariners have their sights on him.  From the sounds of it, he would be affordable.  Almost an affordable Bedard if you will.  Same downside with injures, but a strikeout machine when healthy.  This could cost us about 6 mil a year, rather than 5 decent players.  (Yes 5 is what Bedard cost us, not to mention his overpriced salary).   However, the Red Sox are also in the running, but Harden is from British Columbia, so we may have some regional pull. 

Harden would fill the role as a solid #2, again, when healthy.  Zaun could be a great mentor to our top catching prospect in Moore.  We should know more on the Zaun signing by Friday.  I am not sure when we will know about Harden, but I will keep my eyes open.

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