Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bobby Hauck out as UM head coach

This article appeared on the Las Vegas Sun site. 

I still think it is weird for a winning coach like Hauck to be job hunting, but getting to D1 is probably everyone’s dream.  I am aware he came from D1 as a special teams coach at UW.  Now, with 7 years of head coaching under his belt, he can now afford to be a head coach at the D1 level.

This is the third time a UM coach has jumped ship for the big time.  Mick Dennehy left for Utah State and Joe Glenn left for Wyoming.  It will be interesting to see how Hauck does at the D1 level in a very competitive Mountain West division.

So, now what?  Who is going to be in charge of one of the best football programs in D1-AA?  I am not even sure how you would start.  I just hope that UM performs all necessary due diligence and brings in a person that can continue our winning ways. 

I am always a bit leery of change.  But maybe this change can actually finish the job and not be a brides maid two years in a row. 

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