Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Book/Author Review: Tana French

I have raved about my Kindle on this blog before.  I love it.  I am the type of person that needed something this cool to enjoy reading. 

My wife turned me onto a suspense/murder mystery writer Tana French.  She has two book currently out with a third on the way.  The two books I  have read of hers are “In The Woods” and “The Likeness”.  All of her books take place in or around Dublin.  Her writing style is simple and descriptive.  A fast read that allows you to get caught up in the lifestyle of her characters with little effort.  You can easily find yourself melting into the form of the narrating character as they tell the story from their eyes. 

“In the Woods” centers around a Detective Rob Ryan and his partner Cassie Maddox.  The story is told from the perspective of Detective Ryan and all the issues that he personally goes through as they solve the murder of a young girl.  “The Likeness” changes course and has Cassie Maddox take you on a thrilling ride on one of her murder cases.  There is a small presence of a timeline here, with “In the Woods” being her first book.  There are parts of “The Likeness” that could seem out of place without knowledge from the first book, just a small FYI.

Both books are without boredom and present you with the dilemma of when you should actually take a break.  For those loyal readers to this blog that need a little suspense in your life, take these two books for a spin.  I have a feeling you will not be disappointed. 

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Bill said...

I'll check those out...

If you like this style, also look into the "Rain" series of books by Barry Eisler starting with Rain Fall Very fast paced. Great descriptive writing. Good stuff.