Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brandon Morrow to the Blue Jays?

Apparently, this is almost final.  Morrow to the Jays for Brandon League and a prospect.  The prospect better be good as we still don’t know what Brandon can do, he is only 25. 

I am bit shocked by this move.  Again, this is looking  like the Bavasi cleaning house off season for the Mariners.  Morrow was our first pick in ‘06, just before UW grad Tim Lincecum…in case I have not mentioned that before.  The reason I am shocked because I do not know if the return is going to be worth it.  League’s numbers are not as impressive as Morrows, he has a higher ERA and a lower K/9 rating. 

The prospect is the hold out here. Currently, I do not rate this trade high as I think we could be making an early mistake with Morrow.  As I stated awhile back, trading Morrow at this point only eliminates the comparison to Lincecum. 

Good luck Brandon, I will continue to watch your career. 

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