Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bye bye Bedard and other arbitration news

The Mariners did not offer Bedard arbitration as the deadline came and went at 6 PM PST today.  This is of no surprise.  His time in Seattle has been spent where I predicted it, on the DL.  He did have a few moment of greatness, but the O’s are benefiting from that lopsided trade.  I should be a GM, I feel I could have made better decisions than Bavasi!

We did offer arbitration to Beltre, but he will turn it down.  He is a Scott BorASS client and he tells all of his clients to go free agency.  We could still resign him, however the Phillies and Red Sox are in the hunt, and we cannot compete with that money.  As far as third baseman go, he is second on the Mariners all-time list behind Jim Presley for home runs and RBIs.  (Jim managed the Osprey for the 2004 season).

As the hot stove league ramps up, it will be exciting to see what we plan on doing. In some ways, I feel our management would like to see Beltre go so they can acquire a nice sandwich pick in next summers draft.  Jack Z appears to be big on building a strong farm base, which I fully support.  If Beltre does go, what do the Mariners do?  I could see another free agent replacing Beltre as I feel that Tuiasosopo does not have what it takes.  That could change, but so far, I have not seen much from him.  Of course, he would be replacing a gold glove third baseman.  I did read that we are taking our number 1 pick, Ackley, and trying him at second base starting in January.  Would this mean a move of Lopez to third or first?  I am not a huge Lopez fan of his defense as his play appears to be lethargic at times, but his bat is necessary in our offense.

I predict that we play it fairly simple this off season.  Try to unload some wasted salary (Silva and Batista) and replace that with either farm products or low cost free agents.  How much longer until pitchers and catchers report?

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