Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Minor signings in Bard and Cordero

Nothing overly notable, but the M’s continue their offseason buying process.  They signed Josh Bard to a minor league deal and extended an invitation to spring training.  Chad Cordero we actually singed last year where he spent his entire season attempting to return to his all star form in the minors. 

If Cordero’s minor league rehab pays off, we could have a decent closer out of the chute.  Being the closer for the Nationals is a thankless job, but he was able to put up some decent numbers.  In 2007, he had 37 saves in 46 opportunities. not great but not horrible either.  His best year was 2005 with an ERA of 1.82 and 47 saves in 54 chances.  So, we know there is the chance for greatness.

Bard is a bit of a journeyman.  Starting off in Cleveland and now landing with the M’s, teams later.  I am sure they brought him in for his experience to help mentor Adam Moore.  His numbers are not horrible as far as Mariner catchers go, we did have Dave Valle after all.  I suspect we will once again carry three catchers on our open day roster.

Again, progress is good.  With all these moves we are going to have large expectations.  If anything, baseball magazines will start to put us in the post season before Spring Training even begins.  Now, back to get opening day tickets!

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