Tuesday, December 08, 2009

No Greg Zaun, but still Figgins

Zaun signed with the Brewers late last week.  The Mariners have been linked to ex-Mariner catcher Miguel Olivo.  I am not a huge fan of Miguel, but perhaps he has improved, plus he should be fairly cheap.

The Figgins deal could be announced today.  He was supposedly in Seattle for physical yesterday.  Assuming that he passed, this will be made public later today, and a truly awesome signing by Jack.

There was mention of the Mariners being linked to Curtis Granderson trade talks, but I doubt anything will come about from that, just rumors.  That is one thing about the winter meetings, it can be hard to filter out the good rumors from the bad.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to add a hitter with triple and stolen base potential.  With Ichiro, Figgins and Granderson, we could be very dangerous with the small ball in a ball park that demands that style of play. 

Still waiting on what the rumors on from a pitching perspective.  I have not heard any updates on Harden.  We have also been remotely linked to Edwin Jackson out of Detroit.

So, that is day one of the winter meetings, I wonder what today will bring. 

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