Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ruskell is out

At 10 AM PST today (December 3rd) Tim Ruskell will resign as Seahawks GM.  The fan base, and I am assuming, the organization is getting exactly what they wanted.  Not much else to say, but here is a local blog that talks about Ruskell’s 5 years history with the Seahawks.  Also, a great Seahawk blog can be found here.

I did not follow the GM hiring process for the Hawks like I did for the Mariners.  I had no idea what Ruskell brought to the table when he was hired in 2005.  Apparently linebackers are his specialty and that is about it.  Lofu was/is his prized draft pick from April of ‘05, time will tell us about Curry and Hawthrone.  Currently, Hawthorn leads the team in tackles (78) with Curry (54) taking up a distant third. 

Will Holmgren be in the running for the job?  Would he actually want the job?  We won’t know much until after this season comes to a close.  Look for an official announcement and full details from the Seahawks in a couple of hours.

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