Tuesday, December 01, 2009

To Holmgren or not to Holmgren

It appears rumors are flying around the Puget Sound area about our lovely Seahawk GM, Tim Ruskell.  As the article indicates, Tim’s contract is up at seasons end, and there are rumors it will not be re-negotiated.  This, of course, opens the door to more rumors or Mike Holmgren coming back as the GM of the Seahawks. 

A lot of Seahawk fans would like to see Holmgren return to this organization, one he left not even a full year ago.  I think the run to Super Bowl 40 spoiled a lot of fans.  Since that big game, we have not had the success of that magical season and a lot of people are grasping for any answer as to why.  Many people feel that Holmgren is that answer.  I don’t think this is going to really make the “on the field” team that much better.  We had a bad season last year under Mike and we are having another bad season under Mora.  Changing out the GM could help, but we won’t know that affect until next season.  Or, until a combination of draft picks and free agent acquisitions start to right this ship. 

Blogger note:  Mike Holmgren has officially taken the place of Chuck Knox as the fan’s “Best Coach of the Franchise”.  However, this blogger still holds Chuck Knox high in Seahawk greatness. 

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