Friday, December 18, 2009

Wow, Silva is gone!

What a great Christmas/Hot Stove this has been.  I have long not been a fan of Silva.  I did not tag him enough in my blogs, so I  don’t have a count of how many times I requested that his overpaid arm find a different team.  We traded away Silva for the board game manufacturer Milton Bradley.  Milton is a switch hitting outfielder that offers some depth for the potential vacant left field post. 

This move is a wash on the money front, but I would say it is money better spent.  Silva was a waste from day one.  A consistent .400 to .500 winning percentage pitcher with mediocre stuff.  Bradley comes with his own bag of issues too, his temper.  He has had a roller coaster career, but can produce.  It will be interesting to see how he does in Safeco. 

This Hot Stove as proven to be the “Anti-Bavasi” movement.  Here is a list of known Bavasi moves that are no longer with us: Beltre, Silva, Bedard, and Aumont.  If all these moves work out to make the Mariners contenders, this is going to kill any future Bavasi higherings.  I can see the interview process now.

So Bill, you were able to be the first GM with a team of over 100 losses and over a $100 million pay roll ($117.9 Million to be exact).   One year removed, Jack Z was able to win 85 games with a $98.9 million dollar payroll.  Two years removed, they made the post season.  Where do you see yourself taking our ball club?”

I was dancing today when I heard this news!   

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