Monday, January 04, 2010

5 years and 1 day

I wonder when the fad of blogging will end?  I started this little piece of cyber property on Jan 3rd of 2005.  It all began as a way to talk about the Mariners, Seahawks and a variety of other things that crossed my life. 

Today, it is mostly consumed by the Mariners as we still have some hope for that franchise.  The Seahawks, not sure what direction they are going, but everyone seems to be on a separate bus.  The random thoughts occur, well, randomly throughout the course of my journey in life.  Mostly focusing on a thirst for technology, and/or a thirst for beer. 

I will be in a “Big D” for 4 nights.  Since it has actually been awhile since I did an overnight trip anywhere, I am a bit out of practice.  The one thing I am going to do, is find myself a local brewpub to have some local flavor.    If any readers have any recommendations, please let me know.  Of course, I will what I can to avoid going out on Thursday night.  I am not a fan of any Texas athletic program. 

Adding more random thoughts to this post, I do not have a New Years resolution.  I would say, that I tend to reflect on what I have learned and hope to improve, but to require something healthy is really not my gig. 

All in all, here is to 5 more years of posting crap that no one will read.  Cheers!

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