Monday, January 11, 2010

Dennis Erickson round 2

With all the rumors flying around, Pete Carroll is suppose to be the next Seahawks head coach.  We did this awhile back with Dennis Erickson after his successful run with the University of Miami.  How that translated over to the pro ranks, was less than desirable. 

I am not a believer in having a successful college coach make the leap to the pros.  I realize, this is not Carroll’s first run in the NFL.  He spent most of his NFL career earning respect on the defensive side of the ball.  His head coaching time was not horrendous, with a couple of playoff appearances.  I would like to give him a chance, but I am concerned with the Seahawks history of Erickson.  Plus, I also get the impression he is running from the NCAA law.  He will have to do a lot to help erase my memory of Erickson.

I am looking forward to seeing how he handles the unknown of who will be the GM.  Having a head coach known will be nice, but we also need a GM that is going to aid in putting a competitive product on the field in 2010.   Time will tell as we are sitting pretty with first round picks in April.

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