Tuesday, January 19, 2010

King Felix…5 more years!

Banner offseason, BANNER!  We now have secured Felix Hernandez for 5 years.  Keep in mind, this was not an urgent need.  He was not eligible for free agency until 2011.  However, by doing this now, we won’t have annoying announcers talk about it during 2011, and refer to it as a “distraction”. 

What does this mean for Lee?  I would say everything.  I don’t know how his mind works.  If the M’s are truly able to content for, if not win, the AL West with this awesome 1-2 punch, he may be inclined to stick around past the 2010 season.  Time will tell, as we have learned over time, there is nothing guaranteed in professional sports.

Now, if we could just provide some run support for these guys, we could be dangerous!  The Angels only hit 173 HR as a team last season, 13 more than the Mariners.  The Mariners finished 3rd in the West, the Angels first.  What will be key for us in 2010 will be small ball.  Moving players around, developing and manufacturing runs, something we have not seen here sine Piniella.  The Angels finished second in RBIs while the M’s were dead last.  Not only dead last, but 228 RBI’s behind the second place Angels.  That number is set to change in 2010.  Only 2 weeks to FanFest and about 4 weeks to pitchers and catchers. 

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