Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mark McGwire, you are NOW trying to be honest?

Talk about delusional. 

“Dear Mark,

You (more or less) pounded your fist in front of congress to the point that your eyes were bugging out of your head.  I believe the quote was “I am not hear to talk about the past”.  Wasn’t that WHY the hearings were setup anyway?  Because of past behavior?  Then you wait 4 years to come forward and give us some half-hearted truth about steroids?  Why now?  Almost the entire world has safely assumed the obvious when it comes to your drug use.  Just admit and move on, Petite did awhile back and I have totally forgotten about him and his steroid use.  (That is, until some commentator reminds me.)

Yours truly,


Enough with my letter to Mark.  I am not sure what he was trying to prove.  Perhaps he was trying to clear his conscious from something that has bothered him since that record breaking season of 1998.  Perhaps better late than never fits this issue.  But just because he came clean publicly, does not help his chances at a run to the Hall of Fame, in my mind.  Especially since 1998 made a name for him beyond all other years in baseball.  To admit that you took steroids during a season where non-sports fans showed interest, is huge.   I read an article that stated he wanted to opening admit in 2005, but was afraid of legal ramifications.  What changed in 5 years?  Is there some statute of limitations on the admitted use of steroids? Right now, his biggest issue is not being a distraction as the Cardinal’s hitting coach.

Didn’t Pete Rose publicly admit to his wrong doings?  How is that going for him and his fight for the Hall?

For all the Seahawks fans out there.  It would have be nice if he shared with his brother.  Man, what a bust he was!

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