Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Kindle 2 vs. the iPad

This Kindle user is not worried.  Here are a few items that I find interesting about the latest tagged “Kindle killer”.

1. Battery life. The iPad is registered at 10 hours according to the specs.  For those of you that own iPhones, in order to get 1 full day worth of battery life, you need to shut off a lot of features.  I am assuming the iPad will be the same to come close to the 10 hour mark.

2. Wispernet is free.  The 3G plan of iPad’s will be a monthly charge to it’s owners.  Now, I do like the built in wireless of the iPad.  When I am at home, I would prefer to use my home wireless network, but I only download books so this is not that major to me.

3. Backlit screen.  Sure, it will be nice to read in color, but this is probably the biggest hit to the battery life.  To the iPad’s credit, it would be nice to read newspapers and kids books in color, something that eInk current lacks.

4. Book selection,  Everyone is familiar with Amazon’s selection.  If you find a book that does not have a kindle version, you can click a link to request one.  I am not sure how that works, but I ran across a technical sales book that was NOT Kindle available on January 5th.  By January 10th i was able to download the book.  I clicked the link once, but I am sure one person did now sway a publisher.  I can see it now, “If Josh wants it, than everyone must!”.  The interface as a bookshelf is nice, and the appearance of an open book as you read is cool.  But if you can’t find your book, how “good” is the app, really?

5. Size. had a great article as to why the iPad is what it is.  In affect, Apple produces a suite of hardware products where one compliments and/or needs others to be a fully functional item.  I, for one, do not see myself taking the iPad on long plane rides for reading.  The Kindle, even though not pocket size, is nice and compact and fits neatly in my laptop bag with minimal amount of space being used. 

6. Cost.  The Kindle running at sub $300 ($259) for the base model is a great tool.  I am aware the iPad can do more with a full blown OS (of sorts),  

I feel the iPad is a “cool” product as are most of it’s technical brethren. Of course I would be lying if I said I did not want to see one and play.  But, the iPad will not be a device in my house at this time. 

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