Friday, January 29, 2010

Tigers and Verlander continue to chat about long term deal

Why does this Mariner fan care about Justin Verlander?  Because he is good!  I have followed Verlander just before he was first called up and have not been disappointed.  Yes, he was on my fantasy roster at least two, perhaps three straight season before others took notice. 

He finished third in last seasons Cy Young voting.  The contract numbers that he seeking look surprising familiar.  However, he himself said that he is not modeling his deal after the one that Felix received.  With this new deal, Verlander would not be eligible to hit the free agent market until 2015. 

Two last random MLB notes.  Stephen Strasburg is the #2 prospect in the majors and will most likely see playing time this year.  Erik Bedard remains unsigned…I wonder why?  I did hear that the Orioles are thinking of bring him back. 

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