Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What would Johnny Carson say about all of this?

The late night debate is ridiculous.  Years back, Leno makes a rather large to-do about retiring and naming Conan as his successor.  Now, he is taking it back?  Perhaps I do not understand all that is going on.  I have never been a fan of Leno and his comedy, almost too safe and never pushing the envelope.  And he loves to laugh at his own jokes, more than any other comedian.  Conan has come across as more cerebral to me with a nice biting edge.  I have new found respect for Jimmy Kimmel after watching him cut Jay down to size on his own show.  Honestly, what was NBC thinking of giving Jay his own show at 10 that did the exact same stuff as on the tonight show minus the desk. 

NBC is doing everything it can to ruin whatever image it was creating.  Quality shows like “Friday Night Lights” and “Chuck” need to be saved from providers like DirectTV while “Southland” is moved over to TNT.  Of course, they were unable to save older shows like “American Dreams” and “Studio 60”.   My guess is that they were too real for NBC execs and did not want to stir up too much thought within the base.  (All be it, Chuck is fairly predictable but still entertaining.) 

With Comcast taking over NBC Universal from GE, I am sure things will only get worse.  I do not see Comcast doing much to increase viewership for these shows, while they push other shows like “Heroes”.  I have only seen a handful of episodes and it is well done.  Take away “Heroes”, and you do not have much left.  At least, for this viewer. 

Even my hatred for “The Today Show” grows stronger.  I happened to catch some today while surfing during breakfast.  They were more than happy to show Leno’s response to all this controversy.  However, they did not show Conan’s.  If they did, it was after I left because I can only tolerate about 5 seconds of Matt Lauer.  Again, “The Today Show” continues to show why Americans should not watch corporate news and find alternative news outlets of their own.

Come on Jay, you will always have your cars. 

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