Monday, February 08, 2010

It’s official, Bedard is back

Over the weekend, the Mariners agreed to pay Bedard $1.5 Mil with $6 million in incentives.  I sure wish I could get paid that much and not have to start my job until June. 

I am a fan of what potential he brings.  I am not a fan that he is costing us this much money for what could be about 20 starts this year.  This is very similar to what the Brewers did (Jack Z’s old employer) with CC Sabathia a couple years back.  There is an option here for 2011 if everything does go well.  But right now, I see him as a part time employee. 

Assuming that he is able to recover to 100% the 3 pitchers of Felix, Lee and now Bedard would be a very hard 1,2,3 punch to stop.  Bedard, although only pitching in 15 games last year, he only allowed 2 runs of less in 13 of those games. 

With Ryan Rowland-Smith being a lefty, we now have thee left-handed starting pitchers in the rotation and with righty’s in Felix and Snell.  That is impressive.  Of course, that is not until June and assuming that Bedard returns at 100%.  His track record is not favorable with injury and returning timetables.   

I have been a big fan of Snell for awhile now.  He is another hard throwing pitcher with high strikeout possibility.  For the Mariners last year, 5-2 in 12 games and 37 strikeouts over 64 innings.  Not the 1k+ per inning average that Bedard had, but enough for a 4th starter for sure! 

Bring on pitchers and catchers!

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