Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring training is here!

As of Tuesday, the entire gang was live in Peoria.  Here are some of the happenings that have occurred.

There appears to be a question around starters 3-4-5.  I don’t have the same question at 3-4 as I feel confident that Snell and Smith fall in as the 3 and 4 starts.  The number 5 starters does offer some question.  It will need to be someone that could move to the pen when Bedard arrives healthy later this season.  We could see Fister as the #5 guys for awhile.  I know what some of you are thinking, Smith deserves the #3 spot.  I think they will divide up the lefties until Bedard returns.  So be comfortable as fan knowing you have one of the better 4 starters in the AL.

Lopez and Figgins switched positions.  Potentially messing around with the proper placement for both.  I am sure they will play around with this swap throughout the Spring.  Figgins can play all position on the left side of the infield and has played 2B before.  I see this move as a way to help get Lopez more comfortable with the potential play at 3B. 

That is about all the major stuff for now.  Besides the typical hype surrounding the Mariners being a team that will play in October. 

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