Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Tiger Woods apology

I said that I was not going to do this, but I could not resist.

I was unable to watch the “news” conference live.  So, in my downtime, I was able to find a video online.  The words he spoke were great, the life and heart felt meaning behind them was completely vacant.  I find it funny that most “analysts” of the conference thought he did a great job.  Who are those analysts, that I speak of?  George Stephanopoulos of ABC News and a variety of golf sports writers.  George was going to say this, he is programmed to some degree as are most of corporate news talking heads.  The golf writers, what do they know?  They write about golf or how to correct that slice.  They probably want this behind Tiger more than anyone else as I am sure PGA ratings are taking a hit. 

The attempt by Tiger is a nice touch, but let’s look at A-rod.  He came forward about his HGH use and did something else…TOOK QUESTIONS!  That is what is commonly called as ripping the band-aid off.  He came forward and answered some of the public outcry.  Does that make me like A-rod any more than I did, probably.  I personally do not have any questions for Tiger, but he will be a news story until he does answer questions.  Getting up and speaking about it to friends and families does not accomplish this feat. 

The loudest non-verbal communication that I saw was from Tiger’s mother.  Arms crossed, and not once looking at Tiger.  The hug even seemed forced and uncomfortable for a mother-son relationship. 

As we all agree, this is a private matter that was made public by a few people wanting the lime light.  What Tiger does on that level moving forward is his decision and not that of “grocery store” tabloids. 

Now, I am officially done with this topic.  Here’s to a happy return to golf for Tiger. 

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