Thursday, February 04, 2010

Welcome back…Bedard?

According to Jim Street’s blog, he has heard rumblings to this.  With his surgery last August, it is unlikely he would pitch in a game before June.  So, what does this mean?

I tried to warn Bavasi about this move two years ago, but he still went ahead and handed the O’s half of our farm system for 30 starts in two years.  As always, when healthy, he can be lights out.  So, would a lefty with high strikeout potential be an awesome addition as we make a playoff run?  I would have to say yes, but not sure if Bedard is the guy. 

He is also coming to the Mariners dirt cheap, kind of.  With all this injuries, it would be a $1.5 Mil base with a ton of playing incentives.  Is it worth the risk? Probably not.  He is truly only good for 5-6 innings and 100 pitchers.  The only two other pitchers that successfully returned from torn labrum surgery both “admitted” to using HGH.  (Clemens and Schilling for those of you keeping score at home).  With that 5-6 inning max, he is not doing anything to give your pen a rest.  That is usually the part of a team that could use the most when September rolls around.  High strikeout and low ERA could be a decent counter.

We will see, I am sure a few other teams are also considering him as a nice “down the stretch” hard throwing lefty.  Look this his placement to occur sometime between now and mid-spring training.  I would guess any team would actually want to see him throw before placing any money on his arm.

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