Friday, February 05, 2010

What about those Angels?

I have had blinders on this offseason as I watch the Mariners make every attempt to un-seed the Angels as the power of the AL West.  What I failed to see is what the Angels had done.

They lost Lackey to a lucrative deal in Boston.  But that is about for big time pitching.

They now have a starting rotation of Scott Kazmir, Joel Pineiro, Jared Weaver, Jon Saunders and Ervin Santana.  Kazmir (10-9 4.89 ERA) should be gold as usual.  Kaz went 2-2 with a 1.73 ERA for the Angels in 6 starts in 2009.  Pineiro (15-12 3.49 ERA) returns to his AL West roots.  Weaver (16-8 3.75 ERA) has not returned to his rookie year form, but is a decent option.  I would place Weaver as your #2 starter.  Saunders (16-7 4.60) and Santana (8-8 5.03 ERA) have also had stellar years for the Angels.  Santana is coming off a year of injuries, so look for him to turn things around.  Saunders would be my #3 starter for the Angels, if I was the manager. 

The Angels continue to remain a contender in the West, and potentially the favorite…again.  We will see how the hitting goes, but pitching wise, they did not miss a beat in my opinion.  For as much work as the Mariners did, the Angels still appear to be the team to beat.

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