Monday, February 01, 2010

Yet another “bat” and FanFest recap

Last weekend we saw a different FanFest than in 2009.  The line to get into Safeco stretched from past the ticket booths at home plate, down the third base side, bordered left field, then returned all the way back to the home plate entry.  We waited in line for an excess of 45 minutes before we cut in with some friends. 

As in 2009, it was fun. My son was able to actually run the bases this year, instead of being carried.  He had a blast!  I did not realize how sponge-like the infield felt.  Must have a nice rubber foundation.  During the locker room tour, we entered as Wak, Mark Lowe and Rick Rizz were leaving, pretty cool.  No autographs this year, the lines were too long and we wanted to do other things.  The event will only become better for us as my son grows.

Our weekly signing this time is Ryan Garko, yet another ex-Indian.  When you have someone like Jack Z running the show and acquiring these players, it speaks volumes to how well Cleveland is doing with harvesting talent.  Keeping it, well, that is another story.  With all the offense we have acquired this year, we will exist Spring training with 11 pitchers on the 25 man roster.  I think we have 3 or 4 DH/1B/OF to fill any void against any starting pitcher. 

Garko’s stats are not eye popping but decent.  Career .279 hitter with something around 15 HR’s and 50-60 RBIs a year.  Not bad and will come in useful.

With how busy we have been this year, I think half of the starters are going to be new faces to the fans of Seattle!  Less than 2 weeks for pitchers and catchers to report.

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